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Comparing Sleep Studies

We offer sleep tests to help diagnose patients sleeping habits and overall health. You can have a sleep disorder without any snoring.

Level 1 Hospital PSG Studies vs. Level 3 Home Studies

Level 1 Sleep Study (Hospital)


A Level 1 Overnight Sleep Study (Level 1) is considered the ‘gold standard’ in sleep testing. The overnight polysomnogram (PSG) is used to help determine the cause of excessive daytime sleepiness and to diagnose some sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and periodic limb movements during sleep. This sleep test involves spending a night in a private bedroom in a sleep clinic. A sleep technologist monitors brain waves (EEG), heart rhythm (EKG), breathing patterns, oxygen levels and limb movements. It is the most complete state of the art method to diagnose sleep disorders. This test is more sophisticated than the Level 3 test and is used for complex cases.

Level 3 Sleep Study (in-home portable sleep monitoring)


A Level 3 Sleep Test is a portable sleep test performed in the patient's home. This test is used to screen moderate uncomplicated sleep apnea but is not able to diagnose other sleep disorders. The sleep test equipment is picked up by the patient from the sleep clinic, like Merrell Clinic, where instructions are provided for its use. It is then returned in the morning where the study data is uploaded for analysis. Most patients recognize that they sleep far better at home than they might in a sleep center. This test is the most common method and is used to study the majority of sleep problems.

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