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Sleep & Athletic Performance

Left untreated, obstructive sleep apnea results in chronic sleep disruption and excessive daytime sleepiness. Excessive sleepiness can cause slowed thought processes, poor memory, delayed reaction time and difficulty concentrating.

Peak physical health requires optimum nutrition, proper conditioning and sleep. People tend to have a good understanding of the first two, but healthy sleep knowledge is lacking. New research has shown, athletes, coaches, trainers, managers and team physicians need to understand the huge impact sleep has on athletic performance and results. 1, 2

In 2008, Stanford swimmers were quicker in the water, off the starting block and in their turns after more sleep. Men’s basketball players had become faster and more accurate shooters after being tested and receiving specialized sleep care. Several athletes were able to set new personal records and season-best times and broke long-standing Stanford and American records while participating in the sleep study. 3

Percy Harvin is 184 lbs of lean muscle, yet he receives treatment for sleep apnea.  An NFL wide receiver whose achievements include:


NFL Rookie of the Year 2009, Super Bowl 2014, First-team All-Pro 2009, NFC champion 2013.  Fatigue and headaches were misdiagnosed by team medical experts in college and the NFL until one day he collapsed during practice in 2010.  He was then diagnosed with sleep apnea.  With proper treatment since then, his career has excelled to include an all-star performance in the 2014 Superbowl.


Michael Napoli is an MLB player with more than 15 seasons in pro-baseball.  He hit a home-run in his first Major League at bat.  A gifted athlete and multi-positional player; Mike was All-Star 2012 and instrumental in helping the Red Sox win the World Series in 2013  Mike has suffered with severe sleep apnea since his early 20s.  Sleep apnea surgery in 2014, has reversed a life time of tiredness." Napoli says.  “Now I'm actually sleeping. I'm not tired all the time. It's night and day."




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