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Corporate Services

Merrell Clinic strives to help companies realize their full potential by providing strategic Employee Health, Wellness and Fatigue Management Consulting to businesses and corporations.

A person's sleep can be disrupted not only by Sleep Disordered Breathing, but also by a person's lifestyle and by work demands. Employees who are working too many hours, often with inadequate hours of sleep, can be performing unproductively, a safety risk to themselves and others and can even cause fatigue related fatalities. 1 Inadequate hours of sleep can then be compounded if the employee has Sleep Disordered Breathing. Very few industries or companies have employees adequately screened, diagnosed and treated for Sleep Disordered Breathing. Snoring and sleep apnea (Sleep Disordered Breathing) is highly prevalent; with 83.8% of men over 40 and 60.8% of women over 40 having mild or worse. 2

The Merrell Clinic provides corporate consulting services and presentations on workplace health, wellness, safety and fatigue management. Our services have been retained by companies such as Imperial Oil, Keyera Energy, The City of Edmonton, Transalta, Exxon Mobile, Alberta Utilities Commission, Canadian Armed Forces, Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association and The City of Calgary.

To request a corporate presentation or additional information please contact Merrell Clinic directly.


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